A historic moment for Massachusetts Kids

Thank Governor Healey and the Legislature for Making School Meals for All Permanent in Massachusetts!

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Boston Globe Reports: “With Free Lunch Cutoff Looming, Advocates Seek 1-year Extension”

In the News

The Boston Globe on June 5, 2022 reported on the Feed Kids Coalition’s efforts to extend free school meals throughout Massachusetts.

Currently, students receive free school meals under USDA child nutrition waivers, but those waivers will expire at the end of June this year.

We’re trying to do what we can to prevent kids from falling off that cliff,” Project Bread’s Jen Lemmerman, vice president of public policy was quoted in the Boston Globe.

A group of school children holding meals.
A group of school children holding meals.

The efforts of the Feed Kids Coalition is paying off! We’re seeing even more positive media coverage to fully fund the School Meals for All bill in the State Capitol. The more awareness of our campaign, the more families and organizations we can bring in to make sure we finish the work we need on this bill.

What You Can Do

Currently, the Massachusetts House of Representatives has offered the $110 million funding for our School Meals for All bill, but it wasn’t included in the Senate’s budget. As the House of Representatives and the Senate work together to finalize a state budget, we can use your help to make sure that children receive proper nutrition in our schools for free.

You can help the Feed Kids Coalition in a number of ways, including sharing our message on social media and contacting your legislators to let them know how important it is that children get free, nutritious school meals. Come join the Feed Kids Coalition!

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