Let's End Childhood Hunger.

By starting with what happens in schools

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Elementary school student enjoys a morning muffin in the classroom at school

By ensuring all students have access to school meals at no cost, more children could receive the nutrition they need at school — helping them to thrive.

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COVID-19 has worsened our already pressing hunger crisis, especially for children. Food insecurity increased from 1 in 10 children to 1 in 5 households with children in Massachusetts. Join our coalition to pass School Meals for All legislation (S314/H714) that provides a solution that lasts far beyond the pandemic.

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Universal school meals — school meals available at no-cost to every student — have benefits that extend far beyond the lunch table. Research shows when a child is well fed, they perform better in school, are at lower risk for obesity, and adjust to social situations better. Additionally, by making meal access universal, we help remove stigma around economic status and family situation—creating a more equitable and just educational environment.