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Our state legislature is finalizing the state budget. Urge them to include funding to make School Meals for All permanent today.

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Let's End Childhood Hunger.

By starting with what happens in schools

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By ensuring all students have access to school meals at no cost, more children could receive the nutrition they need at school — helping them to thrive.

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The time is now.

Currently, 1 in 5 households with children in Massachusetts face food insecutity. Join our coalition to pass School Meals for All legislation that provides a solution that ensures, no matter what may be happening, students have access to school breakfast and lunch. 

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The Solution is Clear

Pass School Meals for All

Universal school meals — school meals available at no-cost to every student — have benefits that extend far beyond the cafeteria. Research shows when a child is well fed, they perform better in school, are at lower risk for obesity, and adjust to social situations better. Additionally, by making meal access universal, we help remove stigma around economic status and family situation—creating a more equitable and just educational environment.

The Latest

House Includes Permanent Funding for School Meals for All in FY23 Budget

The Feed Kids Campaign needs your help to urge the Senate to include permanent School Meals for All in THEIR budget too!

What began at the start of 2021 in Massachusetts & Vermont has now become a nationwide push for School Meals for All.

This year, 5 states have continued providing universal free meals to all students, including Massachusetts. Currently, 5 states, California, Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, and New Mexico have passed laws to make School Meals for All permanent. Over 20 states have active campaigns for School Meals for All. Massachusetts can and should be the next to adopt this policy permanently!

Feed Kids Map, updated March 16, 2023

Our Impact

Because of your advocacy and support of The Feed Kids Campaign, Massachusetts is 1 of only 5 with free School Meals for All students this school year. This would not have happened without your advocacy!

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This has been an absolute game-changer for students. They are all used to having free meals and reverting to paid meals would be very detrimental to food service programs and low-income students.”

Doug Dias, Director of Finance and Operations, Marlborough Public Schools

Our Impact

80,000 more kids

ate school lunch daily in Oct. 2022 vs Oct. 2019