A historic moment for Massachusetts Kids

Thank Governor Healey and the Legislature for Making School Meals for All Permanent in Massachusetts!

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Boston Globe Endorsement: “Free school meals: Yes, we can do that”

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This past Wednesday, The Boston Globe announced their endorsement of the School Meals for All Bill currently being discussed in the state budget. With the end of USDA child nutrition waivers, the Massachusetts state legislature will determine the funding of a one-year extension for the bill.

It is beyond unfortunate — irresponsible even — that Congress could not put the needs of school children on their must-do list this year. But their failure creates an opportunity for Massachusetts lawmakers to do the right thing — at a time when the need is great and growing greater with every ding at the supermarket checkout counter,” The Boston Globe writes.

Two elementary school girls in the cafeteria
Two elementary school girls in the cafeteria

Read the Boston Globe’s endorsement for the School Meals for All Bill, and learn how you can keep pressure on legislators to make sure it’s fully funded for school year 2022-2023.

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