A historic moment for Massachusetts Kids

Thank Governor Healey and the Legislature for Making School Meals for All Permanent in Massachusetts!

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Boston Globe and Project Bread's Sarah Cluggish in conversation about destigmatizing food insecurity

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Last week, The Boston Globe published an article about the hunger crisis happening nationwide. While Massachusetts lawmakers extended funding for free school meals for all students, the question remains on how to stop stigma around hunger. Sarah Cluggish, Chief Programs Officer at Project Bread talks about destigmatizing food insecurity.

"First is that food insecurity is invisible. For many families, food insecurity doesn’t necessarily mean that a family is hungry all the time. Food insecurity means that they’re struggling financially to consistently and reliably access nutritious food," Cluggish shares in the article.

Feed Kids Now

The Boston Globe also discusses the effects of food insecurity on children and the ways in which we can help reduce stigma.

Read the full discussion on stigma around hunger and learn more about what your family can do to support your Massachusetts neighbors experiencing food insecurity.

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