Support for School Meals for All

Bill Cosponsors

The Feed Kids Coalition, led by Project Bread, and bill sponsors Senator Sal DiDomenico and Representative Andy Vargas filed legislation to make School Meals for All, or universal school meals, a reality in Massachusetts.

This bill will ensure every meal served through the National School Lunch Program or School Breakfast Program will be universally free for any student who wants or needs it. 


2023-2024 Legislative Session

House Cosponsors

  • Andres X. Vargas (Sponsor)

    3rd Essex

  • Sean Garballey

    23rd Middlesex

  • Jay D. Livingstone

    8th Suffolk

  • Kathleen R. LaNatra

    12th Plymouth

  • Steven Owens

    29th Middlesex

  • Jack Patrick Lewis

    7th Middlesex

  • Lindsay N. Sabadosa

    1st Hampshire

  • Adam Scanlon

    14th Bristol

  • Mindy Domb

    3rd Hampshire

  • Michael P. Kushmerek

    3rd Worcester

  • Hannah Kane

    11th Worcester

  • James Arena-DeRosa

    8th Middlesex

  • Paulino Francisco

    16th Essex

  • Ted Phillips

    8th Norfolk

  • Adrianne Ramos

    14th Essex

  • David Rogers

    24th Middlesex

  • Margaret Scarsdale

    1st Middlesex

  • Dan Sena

    37th Middlesex

  • Michael Soter

    8th Worcester

  • Thomas Stanley

    9th Middlesex

  • Steven Ultrino

    33rd Middlesex

  • Susannah Whipps

    2nd Franklin

  • Jennifer Armini

    8th Essex

  • Bruce Ayers

    1st Norfolk

  • Ruth Balser

    12th Middlesex

  • Christine Barber

    34th Middlesex

  • John Barrett

    1st Berkshire

  • Natalie Blais

    1st Franklin

  • Simon Cataldo

    14th Middlesex

  • Michelle Ciccolo

    15th Middlesex

  • Manny Cruz

    7th Essex

  • Angelo D'Emilia

    8th Plymouth

  • Carol Doherty

    3rd Bristol

  • Katie Donaghue

    19th Worcester

  • Paul Donato

    35th Middlesex

  • William Driscoll

    7th Norfolk

  • Patricia Duffy

    5th Hampden

  • Rodney Elliott

    16th Middlesex

  • Judith Garcia

    11th Suffolk

  • Carmine Gentile

    13th Middlesex

  • Jessica Giannino

    16th Suffolk

  • Kenneth Gordon

    21st Middlesex

  • Rich Haggerty

    30th Middlesex

  • Ryan Hamilton

    15th Essex

  • Jim Hawkins

    2nd Bristol

  • Kevin Honan

    17th Suffolk

  • Vanna Howard

    17th Middlesex

  • Bradley Jones

    20th Middlesex

  • Joseph McKenna

    18th Worcester

  • Sam Montaño

    15th Suffolk

  • Frank Moran

    17th Essex

  • Mathew Muratore

    1st Plymouth

  • Brian Murray

    10th Worcester

  • Tram Nguyen

    18th Essex

  • David Linsky

    5th Middlesex

  • William Galvin

    6th Norfolk

  • Meghan Kilcoyne

    12th Worcester

  • Mike Connolly

    26th Middlesex

  • Angelo Puppolo Jr.

    12th Hampden

  • Kay Khan

    11th Middlesex

  • Rita Mendes

    11th Plymouth

  • Erika Uyterhoeven

    27th Middlesex

  • Daniel Cahill

    10th Essex

  • Paul Schmid

    8th Bristol

  • Tackey Chan

    2nd Norfolk

  • Marcus Vaughn

    9th Norfolk

  • Thomas Walsh

    12th Essex

  • Paul McMurtry

    11th Norfolk

  • Susan Williams Gifford

    2nd Plymouth

  • Antonio Cabral

    13th Bristol

  • Adrian Madaro

    1st Suffolk

  • David K. Muradian, Jr.

    9th Worcester

  • Bud L. Williams

    11th Hampden

  • Dan Carey

    2nd Hampshire

  • Kimberly Ferguson

    1st Worcester

  • Jon Santiago

    9th Suffolk

  • Chris Hendricks

    11th Bristol

  • Tricia Farley-Bouvier

    2nd Berkshire

  • James Arciero

    2nd Middlesex

  • F. Jay Barrows

    1st Bristol

  • Rob Consalvo

    14th Suffolk

  • Joshua Cutler

    6th Plymouth

  • Denise Garlick

    13th Norfolk

  • Natalie Higgins

    4th Worcester

  • Patrick Kearney

    4th Plymouth

  • David LeBoeuf

    17th Worcester

  • Kate Lipper-Garabedian

    32nd Middlesex

  • Joseph McGonagle

    28th Middlesex

  • Estela Reyes

    4th Essex

  • Aaron Saunders

    7th Hampden

  • Priscila Sousa

    6th Middlesex

  • Daniel Donahue

    16th Worcester

  • Russell Holmes

    6th Suffolk

  • Smitty Pignatelli

    4th Berkshire

  • Christopher Worrell

    5th Suffolk

  • Dylan Fernandes

    Barnstable, Dukes & Nantucket

  • Carlos Gonzalez

    10th Hampden

  • James Murphy

    4th Norfolk

  • Jeffrey Roy

    10th Norfolk

  • Kristin E. Kassner

    2nd Essex

  • Tommy Vitolo

    15th Norfolk

  • Brandy Fluker Oakley

    12th Suffolk

  • Dawne Shand

    1st Essex

Senate Cosponors

  • Sal N. DiDomenico (Sponsor)

    Middlesex and Suffolk

  • Michael Brady

    2nd Plymouth and Norfolk

  • Nicholas Collins

    1st Suffolk

  • Jo Comerford

    Hampshire, Franklin & Worcester

  • Anne Gobi

    Worcester and Hampshire

  • Patricia Jehlen

    2nd Middlesex

  • John Keenan

    Norfolk and Plymouth

  • Robyn Kennedy

    1st Worcester

  • Jason Lewis

    5th Middlesex

  • Paul Mark

    Berkshire, Hampden, Franklin & Hampshire

  • Jake Oliveira

    Hampden, Hampshire and Worcester

  • Walter F. Timilty

    Norfolk, Plymouth and Bristol

  • Patrick M. O'Connor

    First Plymouth and Norfolk

  • Pavel M. Payano

    First Essex

  • Lydia Edwards

    3rd Suffolk

  • Michael Moore

    2nd Worcester

  • James Eldridge

    Middlesex and Worcester

  • Adam Gomèz


  • Rebecca Rausch

    Norfolk, Worcester and Middlesex

  • Paul Feeney

    Bristol and Norfolk

  • Julian Cyr

    Cape and Islands

  • Michael F. Rush

    Norfolk and Suffolk

  • Brendan P. Crighton

    Third Essex

  • Joan B. Lovely

    2nd Essex

  • John Velis

    2nd Hampden and Hampshire