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The Feed Kids Campaign

We’re Solving Childhood Hunger, Starting in Schools

School meals are a critical source of nutrition to many children. But right now, too many children who could benefit from school meals aren’t eating them. By ensuring all students have access to school meals at no cost, more children could receive the nutrition they need at school–helping them to thrive academically, physically, and emotionally.

What's school meals for all?

School Meals for All or Universal School Meals allow every student who wants or needs a school breakfast or lunch to receive it, at no cost to their family. When everyone has equitable access to school meals, all students have the best opportunity to learn and thrive in and out of the classroom.

student eats breakfast in the classroom

Reducing Barriers to Success

Cost and stigma are two major barriers to students eating meals at school. Schools adopting meals for all saw higher participation by removing these barriers and guaranteeing every child greater access to school meals.

Students have shared that they're happy they can come in, grab food, and don't have to worry about accounts, embarrassment, or someone saying "you're over your limit."”

Alan Hogan, School Nutrition Director, Monson Public Schools

Our Campaign


Explore the timeline below from how we got started, to where we are today, and our impact along the way, in our campaign to make school meals for all permenant in Massachusett! 

Covid-19 Pandemic


The Time is Now

COVID-19 worsened our already pressing hunger crisis, especially for children. Food insecurity increased from 1 in 10 children to 1 in 5 households with children in Massachusetts. Project Bread puts in motion their plan to file School Meals for all Legislation.

little boy wearing medical mask during coronavirus covid19 pandemic

Launching our Campaign


Our Bill is Born

In January 2021, our allies Senator Sal DiDomenico and Representative Andy Vargas filed An Act Relative to Universal School Meals which would create a permanent School Meals for All Policy in Massachusetts. And Project Bread launched the Feed Kids Campaign to champion this legislation.

it's time to ensure school meals for all graphic

Feed Kids Coalition


Building our Coalition

The Feed Kids Coalition was convened to support this campaign. and grew to over 120 members. A diverse cohort of stakeholders, from school districts to social justice organizations committed to solving childhood hunger.  We secured co-sponsorship support of our bill from over half of the legislature, 110 Senators and Representatives in total.

Congressman Jim McGovern and Project Bread staff pose with a Feed Kids Campaign Sign at Project Bread's office

Our Impact


1-year extension secured in state Budget

Together we contacted our legislature more than 3,000 times during our first bill cycle, urging they support School Meals for All.  While the bill did not pass during the 2021-2022 legislative session, the legislature included $110 million in its Fiscal Year 2023 budget to cover the cost of School Meals for All during the 2022-2023 school year!

two girls eat school lunch in the cafeteria

Our Impact


More kids are being nourished at school

In October, 56,665 more kids ate school lunch daily because of School Meals for All (2022 vs 2019). The benefits of School Meals for All go beyond the food, supporting our children’s health and that of the entire school community. Schools are in agreement their is decreased stigma, fewer visits to the school nurse, students attitues and readiness for learning has improved, and caregivers have more food at home to feed themselves and their children. 

Oct 2022 vs. 2019

56,665 more kids

ate school lunch daily because of School Meals for All

Our 2nd Bill Cycle


Refiling the bill

January 2023 a new legislative session began! And our bill sponsors refiled our bill to make School Meals for All permanent in Massachusetts!! Our first step was to get as many legislators to sign on to cosponsor the bill as possible. 

Girl eagerly raises hand at her desk in a classroom. She has breakfast on her desk.

Victory for kids


Massachusetts Makes School Meals for All Permanent

Over 4,200 individuals contacted their legislators over 18,000 times resulting over two-thirds of the Massachusetts Legislature signing onto this policy. Noticing the impact on schools and families across the Commonwealth and this groundswell of support, the Massachusetts House of Representative included permanent School Meals for All in its budget. On August 9th, Governor Healey signed the budget into law making Massachusetts the 8th state to make School Meals for All permanent!  


    The Right Time to Act

    During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal government covered the cost of school meals. As a result, every student in MA had access to free school meals. When Congress failed to extend this critical policy, our legislature funded a 1-year extension for the 2022-2023 school year. NOW is the time to make this investment in health and education permanent.

    An estimated

    400,000 students

    would lose access to school meals if SMFA is not extended

    No student is required to pay fees before entering their classroom to learn. The same should apply to the fundamental need of food.”

    Erin McAleer, CEO, Project Bread