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Share your Story

Do you have a personal story about school meals?

Have you ever relied on free or reduced-price school meals, or seen the importance of universal school meals in your community? We want to hear from you.

We envision a future where every child in MA receives school meals — with no fee and no questions asked. To get there, we need your help.

Why Stories?

The most powerful tool you have help make School Meals for All a reality is your story. Stories shape how lawmakers view hunger by connecting them on a personal level to the issue. By sharing your story, you are bringing us closer to a Massachusetts that guarantees School Meals for All.

Share your story

Your story has the power to influence a legislator to pass Universal School Meals. Thank you Rebecca Wood, for sharing your personal experience in advocacy and support of free School Meals for All!

Our Commitment to You

We are committed to providing a safe space for you to share your story. We strive to break down stereotypes and harmful assumptions with ethical, person-centered storytelling. Your story is yours alone, and our goal is to amplify your voice through our statewide platform. We will not use any part of your story without your consent. Our staff is available to provide resources and one-on-one guidance to help you.

Project Bread & The Feed Kids Campaign do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, height, weight, or marital status. Knowing its importance to the success of our work, we are committed to diversity and inclusion, and we aspire to give a platform for a wide array of personal stories.

I shared my story, now what?

If Project Bread is interested in using your story or quote, we will reach out to you to request permission first. If you have any questions before submitting your story, please reach out to our advocacy manager Victoria at

Please note, providing your contact information is optional, but if you choose to leave it blank, Project Bread will not be able to contact you for permission to use your story.